Client Testimonials

  • We would recommend Peliton to any of our trade partners as we have found them to be a first class company

    — Colorado Construction Company

  • The entire team of professionals at Peliton have gone the extra mile in providing me the advice, counsel and services that have made an enormous difference in my business. Peliton has allowed me the opportunity to stay focused where I can get the most accomplished as well as providing me with the timely and accurate data needed to make decisions on a daily basis. Please thank everyone for the stress they have eliminated from my life!

    — Colorado Distribution Company

  • The entire team of professionals at Peliton have gone the extra mile in providing me the advice, counsel, and services that have made an enormous difference in my business

    — Colorado Construction Company

  • I have utilized the services of PELITON for over 16 years, and they have been a valuable business partner during that time. Their services free up my time, and allow me to focus on areas of my business that I can profit from. The peace of mind knowing that everything is being handled professionally have brought tremendous savings to us over the years. I would highly recommend PELITON to anyone that wants to improve their business.

    — Colorado Automotive Repair Company

  • We found Peliton two years ago when we were trying to address several key tasks including how to do more with less, outsource non-strategic functions, decrease costs while increasing profits, improve efficiencies, address compliance issues and reduce liabilities, and utilize technology to help streamline back-office functions. We realized that trying to find one vendor to address all of these areas was a large task. We are happy to report that by partnering with Peliton, we were able to address all of these areas while achieving some significant tangible results financially

    — Colorado Construction Company

  • Peliton provides us with an on-line integrated technology platform allowing us to better service our employee base with regard to payroll and HR information. We are outsourcing our payroll to Peliton and some HR related services such as health benefits and 401k administration. We have determined that outsourcing these activities will save the company approximately $30,000 per year and allow us the ability to expand general staffing significantly without having an equivalent expansion in HR or Payroll personnel

    — Colorado Clothing Manufacturing Company

  • Peliton provides a tremendous advantage to our company, based on the time and cost savings their services provide, and the convenience our employees will realize. Prior to retaining Peliton, we didn’t have a single source provider for our various human resource needs which added unnecessary costs and created confusion. We’re looking forward to a long lasting relationship

    — Colorado/Indiana Restaurant Franchisee

  • Being a smaller business and with time being critical to our success, Peliton stepped in and took over our administrative and accounting needs by putting together a customized package that appealed specifically and directly to our needs. The trustworthiness, flexibility, and competence of their team has made our lives so much easier and freed up time for us to focus on higher level decisions in order to grow the business.”

    — Colorado Property Management Company

  • For over fifteen years, Peliton has continually demonstrated integrity, professionalism and the highest quality of service to our firm. Their understanding of the risk management issues and concerns of the food industry has been a real asset in our operation, and they have consistently helped us keep our costs in line

    — Colorado Food Distribution Company

  • Peliton has been a safeguard to our organization and they help us by protecting our number one asset, our employees! Peliton’s biggest asset is their customer service and problem solving skills. They were able to make our transition to their services smooth, seamless, and most importantly cost advantageous to our community based non-profit. I recommend them without hesitation and believe that they have our best interest in mind as a non-profit

    — Colorado Non-Profit

  • We now have a fully integrated system that better addresses both our company’s needs and our employees’ needs. We appreciate that Peliton is focused on customer service and is committed to resolving any issues we may have

    — Colorado Bank

  • We started with Peliton in 1999 and as a small business owner I was trying to grow my business; I didn’t want to worry about things that took away from our core competencies. I wanted a single partner I could go to for all my regulatory, compliance, employees, benefits, safety, workers’ compensation, and other back-office functions while saving me money. I am happy to say I have been able to accomplish all of these goals. Peliton has great people who do a great job for both me and my employees

    — Colorado Based Contractor


Peliton LLC, founded in 1982 as Omnivest Insurance, provides small to medium-sized businesses access to professional expertise in areas such as payroll, employee benefits, workers' compensation, employee relations, and accounting services.   Read More >